Residential Treatment

The Acadiana Recovery Center is a residential treatment program for adult men and women who suffer from chemical dependence. It is licensed under the Department of Health and Hospitals and CARF accredited.

Customary referral procedure for admission is facilitated through assessments done by outpatient clinics, hospitals, and detox facilities. Approximately 85-90 percent of admissions are people from within the city of Lafayette and outlying eight parish area.

  • Managed care requires that basic admission criteria be met: candidates 18 years or older (males and females); have a primary diagnosis of alcohol and/or drug addiction, as set in the DSM-5; and meet a six dimension assessment appropriate to residential (3.5) level of care treatment.
  • In this, as in all programs, Acadiana Recovery Center staff meets and exceeds the highest standards of their respective professional disciplines and offers sensitive, insightful and constructive treatment for the chemically dependent client.

Individuals participating in the residential treatment program receive, individual, psychotherapy group, gender-specific group and family counseling. In addition, didactic sessions, spirituality groups, job readiness, and attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) and Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.) meetings are integral parts of the program. Our clinical staff also uses Recovery Dynamics and the Living in Balance series by Hazelden as part of the treatment process.


The Residential Treatment Acadiana Recovery Center

Recovery Dynamics

The Recovery Dynamics treatment curriculum teaches the twelve-step recovery program clearly and comprehensively. Recovery Dynamics curriculum orients clients toward twelve-step support groups through substance abuse education and intensive individual and group counseling. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques are used to help achieve a change in attitude and behavior. This has been one of the most successful programs in the United States, and through it, we have seen tens of thousands liberated from addiction.

The Recovery Dynamics treatment curriculum is designed to help the client work the steps, to get beneath the surface in the context of individual and group counseling, and to restructure the way their brain processes the world – the way they handle emotions, decisions, relationships, etc.

As part of the treatment curriculum, patients are given daily assignments to complete during personal study time that integrates with the rest of Acadiana Recovery Center treatment programming. Other aspects of the treatment curriculum are done in group settings or in one-on-one counseling sessions with their personal counselor.


Residential Treatment Acadiana Recovery Center

Living in Balance
Living in Balance is an evidence-based treatment program that draws from cognitive twelve-step approaches and can be easily customized for specific client populations or treatment tracks. Living in Balance is a means of utilizing the sessions to integrate a client’s mental, physical and emotional well-being into their addiction treatment and helping to bring one’s life into balance.

Sessions 1-12 comprise the core of the program and address basic issues commonly faced by clients in early recovery. These are definitions, terms and self-diagnosis; alcohol and other drug education triggers, cravings and avoiding relapse; planning for sobriety; alcohol and tobacco; spirituality; sex, drugs, and alcohol; stress and emotional well-being; skills for reducing stress’ negative emotions; anger and communication; and relapse prevention.

Sessions 13-33 are 21 supplemental sessions which include in-depth focused topics that are easily customizable for different client populations. An itemized list of supplemental sessions is attached.

Sessions 34-43 are living in Balance co-occurring disorders sessions to integrate a client’s mental health disorder into the addiction treatment program, and helping to bring one’s life into balance.

For more details on our residential treatment program, please call 337-524-1415. Our trusted and accommodating staff are ready to assist you at all hours of the day.

A Residential Treatment Acadiana Recovery Center
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